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To meet the most demanding palates, we offer a variety of options, from traditional sausages Handcrafted of Bragança Paulista, several portions, drinks, beers, food, among others.

Bragança Paulista artesian sausages Exotic Bragança Paulista sausages
Meat servings Seafood / Fish servings Lamb serving Poultryseringas Pork servings
Individual servings Fried servings Other servings Rolls Light Feijoada (Saturdays only) Salads Individual dishes
Broth Pasteis (a kind of stuffed salty pastry) Escondidinhos Sandwiches Kids' Menu
Legitimo Chopp Brahma Special Beers Imported beers Soft Drinks
Energetic drinks Juices Vodkas (National) Vodkas (Imported)
Club Cachaças and Vodkas (Bottle) Shots Special Cachaças Premium Cachaças
Super Deluxe Whiskies Top 12 years old "Deluxe" Eight years old whiskies "Standard" Special Whiskies
Club Whisky Super Deluxe (Bottle) Club Whisky's 12 years old Deluxe (Bottle) Club Whisky's 8 years old Standard (Bottle)
Special whisky's club(Bottle) Caipirinhas (a Brazilian drink made with cachaça: a hard liquor made of sugar cane, fresh limes, sugar and ice) Long Drinks Short Drinks Liquors Legitimas – Fruit cocktails
Wines and fizz drinks Italian Soda (nonalcoholic) Desserts Coffee