Discover the history of Sausage Bragança \\\\\

According to historian José Vasconcellos Roberto, an Italian, named Palmira Boldrini, in 1911, began marketing a sausage, homemade kind, made of pork shank, which was then known as the Sausage Dona Palmira de Bragança.

In the decades of 20 and 30, bragantinos travelers carried the product to other cities or custom gift for friends. And the sausage fame grew. Braganza was a swineherd of the biggest centers of the state. Bragantina vendors roamed the region with their trucks or vans, taking the sausage Earth.

Durok, Maurão and White House Meats Beef - Thus the famous "Sausage Bragança", delicious regional tradition preserved in the present day by friends and children of Braganza came.

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