Types of Sausage \\\\\

We bring to our clients a varied menu of irresistible flavors of our Artisanal Sausage Bragança Paulista. Try them all!

Bragança Paulista Artesian Sausages
  • Calabrese sausages with Gorgonzola cheese Spicy pork ham and Gorgonzola cheese
  • Calabrese sausage the French way Spicy pork ham with sun-dried tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil
  • Pure calabrese sausage Spicy pork ham
  • Calabrese sausage with provolone cheese Spicy pork ham and seasoned with provolone cheese
  • Calabese sausage with provolone cheese/Pepper Spicy pork ham seasoned with provolone cheese and pepper
  • Calabrese sausage the Chef´s way Spicy pork ham with pepper and onion-flavored
  • Calabrese sausage with pepper Spicy pork ham with red pepper
  • Calabrese sausage with black olive Spicy pork ham and black olive
  • Calabrese sausage with fine herbs Spicy pork ham seasoned with fine herbs
  • Calabrese sausage with bacon Spicy pork ham seasoned with fresh bacon
  • Tuscany spicy Bragantina sausage Pork , beef and chili
Exotic Bragança Paulista Sausages
  • "Dale" Spicy pork ham, parmesan and Kurd-style cheeses and arugula
  • Countryside way sausage (Sertaneja) Pork, beef, garlic, pepper and Kurd-style cheese
  • "Cuiabana" sausage Pork, beef seasoned and softened in cow milk, chives and parsley, green chili pepper, fresh and Kurd-style cheeses
  • Lamb sausage Spicy lamb
  • "Pantanera" sausage Pork loin, green scent, spring onion, fresh chilli pepper, cheese plate and cheese curd
  • "Camponesa" sausage Tempered pork shank and minced pepper
  • "Caipira" sausage Pork, bacon and mild seasoning of the earth